awkward and awesome tuesday


Selfies.  Almost ALL the photos I have of my daughter & I are selfies.  My husband, for all his excellence in baby care, cooking, etc, is truly terrible at photographing the two of us.  I however can't seem to put my phone down, so I have a million pictures of the two of them.  When she's older, she'll either think her Dad liked her more or that I'm impossibly vain.  Potentially both.  

Stroller locks.  Yes I know how to work my own stroller thank you very much, you can stop staring at me trying to get it open now.  I mean, I absolutely had to look up a YouTube video on my phone to figure it out, but I GOT IT OPEN.  

Oh, yoga.  I lost track of how many times I nearly fell down.  Either way, my ego got kicked in the face.  

Our post baby grocery budget.  I didn't even know it was possible to have to spend as much as we did on one Trader Joe's & Target trip.  It's either terrifying or embarrassing, but between the super healthy organic food (it all goes into Claire's milk!) and the wine (seriously, I refuse to sacrifice the wine) I'm going to have to find some ways to improve.   


Babywearing!  Somebody just really never wants to be put down, EVER.  Even when she's fallen asleep in your arms, don't even think about setting her down.......really, don't do it.  Then you have to start over!  She'll take maybe one nap for a couple hours each day in her crib, and she sleeps there at night, but other than that I'm most often wearing her.  

Sushi, oysters, lox, and wine.  Basically, I'm still making up for lost time and mostly eating only the things I couldn't while I was pregnant.  

Claire is finally fitting into some of her 0-3 month clothes, which is mostly what we have!  She had been wearing a few newborn clothes and white onesies on repeat, because somehow my husband & I have managed to make a child who is so tall she isn't even on the percentile growth charts, so she's like a stringbean.  Fingers crossed she actually got some of the height genes on either side of our families!  

I slept until 11 on Sunday, went to yoga, and then got a few baby-free hours while Darrell & Claire watched the world cup final together.  I think that's the most successful start to a week that ever was, and I'd like to start a petition to add a second Sunday to every week.  

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