awkward & awesome tuesday


Claire's insane diaper blowout at Fair St. Louis.  Through the outfit, the blanket, ALL the way onto the carseat.  Also, this was the moment we discovered we only had 4 wipes, because I'm an idiot.  Those 4 wipes were put to goooooooood use.  We covered the carseat with our backup blanket on the drive home, but then had to figure out how to remove the carseat cover once we got there, which was like a whole frustrating mess.  This strap goes where!?

Oh, photos of me at the christening.  I should’ve worn the Spanx, yes, yes i should have.  I keep trying to remind myself "you had a baby four weeks ago, chilllllllll out."  But it's hard.  I miss pants that button.  

My time management skills.  I thought they would improve with experience, but noooooo.  I’ve been trying to give the dogs a bath for…..two hours?  


Discovering co-sleeping.  Claire sleeps in her crib in the nursery from roughly 9pm - 5 am, but by then she is thoroughly tired of being alone.  Until this week we had been employing a pretty annoying rocking & bouncing routine to squeeze in another hour, but this weekend we just brought her into bed with us and bam!  She slept until 10!  So we’ve kept it up since then, and life has been a little more restful.  Also, i like to think we're giving her the benefits of independent sleep and the family bed all at once.   I included a little video of her cooing in her sleep.  


(All co-sleeping naysayers may be directed here.)

Claire’s baptism.  She slept the WHOLE TIME!  No crying even  during the water pouring on her head, and the christening gown was as white at the end of mass as it was at the beginning.  

A little shopping and grocery trip with Darrell sans baby on Sunday.  I know it sounds like a little thing, and it was only about 3 hours, but it almost felt like a date.  I even managed to refrain from checking in on her while we were gone, which felt like an accomplishment in and of itself.  

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