claire's wish list

Since I am currently in wardrobe limbo (I refuse to buy new clothes until I've lost the baby weight, so I'm wearing a hodgepodge of maternity + random stuff that fits) I am having all my shopping fun by looking for things for Claire.  Luckily, I actually have a good reason.  This baby is TINY!  When she was born, we came home to a closet full of clothes that don't fit her yet, so I had good reason to look for some extra-teeny things to put her in until she gets a bit bigger.  

My current favorites: 

1) Carter's swimsuit.  I initially thought a swimsuit for my newborn would be a silly purchase, but now I'm feeling like she kind of needs one!  Our close friends' parents have recently moved to the area, into a house with a gorgeous pool, and as much as Claire loves baths I think she would also really enjoy a quick dip on a hot day!  This one comes with a teeny terry cloth robe for less than $20.  

2) Petit Bateau striped tutu dress.   I have high hopes that this one will go on sale ($88 for a baby dress......a little ridiculous.)  It basically has everything I want in baby clothing.  A little French flair, a lot of girly tulle = perfection.  

3)  Turquoise suede baby moccs.  She may already have a somewhat obnoxious collection of moccasins, but none of them fit her yet!  These come in the teeniest of sizes, and the turquoise is just too sweet.  

4) Dwell Studio hooded towel.  Claire has a real problem with spit up alllllllll in her hair.  So, she gets baths perhaps a bit more frequently than your average newborn.  We only have one hooded baby towel thus far, so I'd love to add a second for when it's in the wash, and this one is just gorgeous.  

5) Gap denim one-piece.  As much as I love girly clothing, for the newborn stage I'm all about one pieces.  She can't wriggle out of them, and there's so little to think about.  Plus, I can dress them up with a fun headband - and if I'm wearing a chambray that day, we can match!  

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