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Did this week fly by or what?  I don't know if I've been busier, or if Miss Claire has just taken up more of my attention, but the fact that today is Friday.....phew!  This week just went flying by!  We've got fun weekend plans to see an outdoor movie in the park - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - and I'm planning to get back to yoga on Saturday.  Wish me luck - I doubt I can even get into a good downward facing dog.  Also, I bought a kiddie pool that we'll be setting up in the yard Saturday afternoon.  Claire LOVES baths, but mostly we just wanted an excuse to have too much silly fun in a teeny silly pool.  Hope you all have a great weekend planned as well!  

Claire adores being carried in the sling, so I've been thinking we need a backup.  This color is so pretty.  
Speaking of Claire (when am I not....) I think she needs these moccasins.  

I may have shared this before, but again, it's not surprising that beer's taste alone gets you high.  

No wonder old books smell so good.

Are you as confused by slang as I am?  Just in case, here's what "turn down for what" means, along with a list of totally awesome things worth turning down for.  

Have you read J.K. Rowling's new Harry Potter short story?  It's an adorable little update on the lives of Harry & friends.  

Basically my life mantra.  

Is it my birthday yet?  Because I need an excuse to make this parmesan french toast.

Finally, I've been quite the gram-rat lately, so f you want to come along on our weekend you can follow me on Instagram here!  

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