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It's a big weekend for this new mom - my friend & roommate from college Jesi is getting married, and it's bachelorette party time!  So this will definitely be the longest I've ever spent away from Claire.  It will be so so good to get some time with girlfriends to just be silly - although admittedly, I am skipping out on the sleepover portion of the night to go home to my baby girl.  Just not ready for an overnight yet!  

And then....Jack White on Sunday!  I don't know how I got lucky enough to have a father who is so into taking my husband and I to amazing rock concerts, but I definitely won in the dad department.  And Claire won in the Nana/Aunt department, because I've never seen two women so thrilled to babysit in my life.  I think my mom & sister are more excited for us to go to the concert than we are.  

One last thing - I start back to work next week, so in an effort to not overload myself and get stressed out I'm going to take next week off from the blog.  I'll be back week after next hopefully feeling confident in my ability to balance (ish) work & baby.  

Here are my favorite links from this week! 

I made this pasta last weekend, and it was incredible.  Like bagel pasta - which to me is essentially the holy grail of food.  

Do we choose our friends because they share our genes?  

This Weird Al remake of "Blurred Lines" is hilarious and adorable.  

Life, animated: how Disney helped an autistic boy to communicate with his family.  I had read an article about this before, but the live interview with his father is really fantastic.  

Love Humans of New York?  Well someone has started a "Humans of St. Louis," and for a copycat it's pretty great.  

Basically my mom-iform.  

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