the weekender

If ever a group of people have made the most of a holiday weekend, I think we did!  This 4th of July, we did Fair St. Louis twice & had our first night out without the baby (a harrowing experience)!  

We're out of order, but I had to start with this gem of a photo.  They're sleep twins.  

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

We decided to go out for the first time without Claire on an evening that merited it - my brother in law's girlfriend moved to St. Louis this week, and he had organized a little surprise party for her at a blues club downtown.  My little sister agreed to babysit, but couldn't pick her up until about 10:45!  So that is how we ended up with our baby in a bar.  It was that or miss the surprise!  She was a little trooper - no tears, and she rocked out with her dad for a bit.  Of course, the minute she left we missed her, and essentially forced ourselves to stay and hang out until 1 am.  Not only was that the latest we had stayed up in weeks or months, possibly, it was tooooooo late.  Especially when Claire decided she wanted to be rocked, and rocked, and rocked at 5 am.  

On the 4th, we made up for our sleep deficit (group napping was the order of the day) but we did manage to get it together to go see Bonnie Raitt. Claire even had a snazzy outfit to wear to the fair.....

but in this photo she was destroying it.  This is apparently her poop-explosion face, maybe she was getting us back for making her wear those sunglasses, but within 10 minutes of our arrival she was wearing this instead: 

On a side note, I had a truly adorable dress from Baby Gap in mind outside of these two outfits from  but I inexplicably bought it in 3-6 months?  I was apparently under the delusion while pregnant that I would be having the world's largest baby.  I'll have to come up with a reason for her to wear a blue and white sparkly dress come November.  

People came up to tell us how cute our baby was even though she was wearing a white onesie, and even though she fussed through much of the evening.  She quieted for Bonnie Raitt, because Claire knows what's important (so far she's slept completely through all concerts, brunches, & church.)  

It was a truly gorgeous evening - only about 70 degrees!  Unheard of for a St. Louis summer.  

Having your own baby forces you to make strange faces like this in public: 

Yes Claire, I feel the same way about that previous picture as well.  Judge me all you want - your cuteness inspires some strange behavior.  

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