the weekender

So, we had a pretty great weekend all around, minus the fact that the weather was ridiculously hot.  It was 100 degrees yesterday (and somehow the today high is only 80....where was that Saturday??)

Here's a few quick snaps from how we spent the best two days of the week! 

Friday night we went grocery shopping, and believe it or not, it was pretty fun.  What, you don't take selfies before you go to the grocery store?  Honestly, I just wanted to document the type of outfit I'm living in lately due to a) breastfeeding access and b) ease of wearing with a baby sling.  

We went out for Mexican on Saturday night, and the World Naked Bike Ride parade rode by the restaurant!  (World Naked Bike Ride is just what it sounds like - a silly and fun parade of *mostly naked* bikers, to promote body positivity.  It's pretty awesome.)  

Among the sea of bikers we spotted a couple people we knew, one of them being my rad friend Jess, and she pulled over to take a picture with Claire!  Gotta keep this kind of thing for posterity in the future, just so Claire knows how progressive and awesome we are/were.    Also, I love the look on her face.  

That morning we went to the farmer's market, where I got a popsicle, Fitz got worn out, and Claire took her morning nap in the sling.  

There was also lots of sleeping....lots.  of.  sleeping.  

Nothing better than catching a sleep smile in a photo.  

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