and now, here is the story of our very exciting friday night

So, our Friday night started out as any Friday normally does.  Staring at a baby while drinking the celebratory TGIF glasses of wine.  

And then Claire got bored and irritated of being stared at and said to us "guys, it's time to go get some ice cream."  We happily obliged.  

No point in looking this cute and nobody getting to see it!  Claire's still getting used to her fancy new stroller (we got a Bugaboo on Craigslist last week, which I was beyond excited about.)  

As you walk down 39th in Shaw, you walk past this and may assume there's just a new explosives factory on the corner....

but nope.  Ice cream.  

Ices Plain & Fancy makes ice cream like you've never seen it before.  You order at the counter, and then they literally make your ice cream to order using those big tanks of liquid nitrogen!  

Lest you think it's all just a gimmick, let me reassure you; the ice cream is INCREDIBLE.  So far we've tried butter pecan, chocolate, & salted caramel, and all three have been SO delicious.  The waffles cones are made in house as well, and they are the perfect balance between chewy and crunchy.  

Claire really enjoyed it too.  

Ices Plain & Fancy just opened in the Shaw neighborhood, at 39th & Shenandoah.  They're open Wednesday - Sunday 11:30 am -10 pm.  

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