and on the 8th day, God invented brunch

Okay, so this post title may be a tad bit melodramatic, but I just have very strong feelings about brunch. I consider it easily my favorite meal, which probably has something to do with the fact that you can't have brunch except on the weekends.  Here's a little known fact - brunch is the best way to test out the new and cool restaurants in your city.  I certainly can't afford to go to every single new place I want to for dinner, but for some reason brunch is the universally affordable meal - we've tried out any number of places we'd never go to otherwise and judged them based on their ability to poach an egg, and the champagne to orange juice ratio in their mimosas - (I consider it an epic failure if it's greater than 25% OJ.)  

This past Saturday was our first official book club brunch meet up for carbs & coffee at Winslow's Home.  It's a combination general store & restaurant that makes you want to buy lots of things you don't need - my friend Jess was at one point considering purchasing some gardening supplies......she does not have a garden, but their shovels were that cute.  Also, their marble topped dining tables make for a fantastic Instagram backdrop.  

  After passing Claire around the table a few times and splitting an insanely delicious donut, we picked our book club choice for this month (#girlboss) & Jess kindly passed out a few tickets to the Top Chef burger competition taking place this coming Sunday in downtown St. Louis.  Thanks to her & Alive Magazine, one of you has a chance to attend with a friend as VIPs next weekend!  You can enter to win the tickets below - it will be a really fun event, and make for a wonderful (and delicious) Sunday.  Perhaps even a suitable alternative to brunch!  

*due to the fact that things around here lately have been more awesome than awkward, i've decided to switch that series to every other week, so come back next tuesday if you're visiting for those posts!  


  1. Just ordered the book! I must be a #GirlBoss! Can't wait till next Book Brunch! HOLLAAAA

    1. I still need to buy it....probably will be speed reading it lol. Can't wait either - and for your SLU volleyball event!

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