awkward & awesome tuesday + claire's second month


My new standards for "how dirty is too dirty" to wear a dress.  Last week, Claire actually managed to poop on the dress I was wearing, and rather than change I just wiped it down and declared it fit for the office.  

Getting to a party with the baby only to realize the one of us forgot to pack breast milk, thus limiting my ability to actually enjoy any adult beverages.  In case you're wondering, yes, I did send Darrell home to get it.  9 months of playing DD gets you privileges like that.  

Said party happened to be on the day Claire got shots (which may have been the reason I so badly wanted a drink) and let me just say that it may have been ill-advised to attend with her.  She broke out into an all out screaming session in the middle of the party, but thankfully setting her up in the sling was enough to calm her down.  

While taking photos for an upcoming outfit post, my only instruction to Darrell was "can you try and make me look like I didn't just have a baby 10 weeks ago?"  


Claire slept through the night for TEN HOURS one night this weekend.  I am sharing secrets soon, I promise.  Of course, everything we're doing could be a complete fluke and we are just very blessed, but I figure if I have a formula for newborn sleep I may as well spread the word.  

The camaraderie shown by St. Louisans in the wake of the Michael Brown tragedy.  Yes, horrible things are happening in our city, but amazing things are happening too.  Like people I know heading to Ferguson to hand out water and ponchos to protestors & residents of Ferguson standing guard in front of stores that looters were attempting to wreck.  There's a palpable tension in the city, but there's a feeling of compassion as well, like we're all in this together and it's our job to start breaking these walls down.  

Claire's newfound love for the play gym we bought weeks ago.  She can stare and chat with her toy "friends" for almost an hour, making noises she never makes any other time.  The other day I think I discovered why they call it coo-ing; she literally made a noise that sounded akin to what a dove sings.  No one will probably care to watch this but my grandmother, but here's a little video of her conversation with Mr. Monkey: 


Jumping back into running - I may only be on week three of couch to 5K, but it feels SO good to just be out there again.  Also, our doctor cleared Claire to go with me in the jogging stroller which means that I can go in the morning again even when Darrell isn't around to watch her.  So much more freedom in my schedule!  

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