awkward & awesome tuesday


I somehow managed to get asphalt on the bottom of our carseat this week without knowing about it.  For about two days I had black streaks on pretty much every part of myself from the waist down, and COULD NOT figure out how to get it out.  In fact, I ruined a pair of white jeans (that FIT me) by smearing tar all over them while carrying Claire in the seat.  Luckily, I finally figured out what it was and managed to get it off the seat with some coconut oil, but the clothes it came in contact with may not be salvageable.  

The dress in this photo was brand new & perfect, until Claire decided it was missing something.  And by something, I mean a nice streak of mustard colored baby poop.  

Certain parenting books....I read "Beyond the Sling" this week and, well, no.  You want me to hold my baby to pee over the potty?  Elimination communication what?  Just all the "NOs."  
(Seriously, Google that.  There are a whole group of totally insane parents out there doing this right now.)  


Claire's little neck rolls, thigh rolls, and baby bicep rolls.  Yes, she's still a rather tiny baby, but she has rolls and I helped make them.  

Close friends living next door.  Darrell had a boys night (complete with baseball, grilling, & beer) and took Claire duty on Saturday, which meant that I got to watch Real Housewives, bogart the whole bed, and fall asleep early - and we were all within 50 feet of each other.  

Sonnet James summer shipment came out this week, and the three new dresses I got are as perfect as any I've ever bought before.  They are a forever favorite for this new mama, soft, stretchy, and nursing friendly.  Now if only the stripe Marni would come back in stock!  

Sundays of nothing.   Claire let us sleep in until almost 9, and then we made coffee & a frittata and ran through our Netflix options.  We all stayed in pajamas & white onesies, and were happier for it.  

I start working at a creative co-working space tomorrow, and I am SO excited.  I love working from home, but me + babysitter + Claire in 750 square feet?  Not a workable situation.  

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