cardigans for autumn

Summer seems to have finally shown up in St. Louis, right around the time when we're all totally over the heat and ready to be shopping for fall clothes.  Personally, I cannot wait until my daily outfit can be some approximation of this: 

As much as I'd like to say I was super excited about the latest in avant-garde fashion for fall, I am just SO ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I want cozy, boring, cute, easy to wear.  Sundresses are all well and good, but lately my options are limited to all things mom-friendly (read: nursing friendly), which has basically resulted in my wearing a Sonnet James dress every.  single.  day.  And I love those dresses (LOVE!) but I think their constant rotation has become somewhat of an assault to my husband's eyeballs.  

So in the interest of optimism and maybe some wishful thinking that the universe will listen and lower the temps to highs in the 70s, here is a little round-up of my favorite cardigans for this fall.  

clockwise from top left: 

Now, does anyone want to buy #7 for me?  Because I'm pretty sure if I owned that beauty I'd start wearing it tomorrow, 100% humidity and all.  

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