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This chosen graphic may make it seem as though I had a rough week but I really didn't.  I had a great week.  I just think that it's good to be reminded to go easy on yourself instead of always pushing forward.  We're all a bit hard on ourselves sometimes, pressing ourselves to do just one more thing than we did in the same amount of time the day before, make our lives a little prettier and more perfect, and probably trying to live up to the image we project on our Instagram accounts.    

Sometimes, at the end of a perfectly lovely day with Darrell & Claire - where naps lined up with work time, few tears were shed, dinner got made on time, and lots of cuddling was done, I still find myself thinking "did I stimulate her enough today?  Did she get enough tummy time?  Her outfit could've been cuter today.  Did I ignore Darrell too much and only pay attention to the baby?  Could I have eaten healthier so that her breast milk would be more nutritional?"  That list could go on and on.  Ridiculous, silly things that don't even matter when my healthy baby is happily sleeping in her crib, and Darrell seems content. Sometimes I think the devil must sound a lot like worry.  

So this weekend, my parting note is to be gentle with yourself.  Ignore the "shoulds."  If you want to go out, go.  If you want to stay in, don't feel guilty for skipping the party.  If the weather is beautiful, and you feel like you "should" be outside on a walk or run, but you'd rather be inside marathoning the Real Housewives on Hulu then do that.  End rant, and here are my favorite things I read this week: 

An enlightening article by the real Larry from Orange is the New Black.  

Dressings for every salad green - seriously, I need to print this out and keep it on our fridge.  

This adorable business rents chickens to people who want to keep and raise them at home in St. Louis! 

Loved this interview on motherhood with one of my favorite bloggers, especially her answer about what lessons she'd like her children to learn from her.  

And this blog post, on how we learn from the messes.  

Okay, and my last parenting link, on 19 rookie mistakes new parents make.  Because #8 & #19 have already happened.  

Reclaiming your "real" life from social media - I love the author's tip on reading a real book, because that personally has made a big difference for me.  

To anyone who has ever asked me if I think they should also start a blog - here's why you definitely should!  

Since the weather should be gorgeous this weekend, we should all have a picnic.  Saveur has the picnic generator to help you decide what to pack.  

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