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Guess what today is??? It's my 26th birthday!  Now 26, not a very exciting age.  Just that much closer to 30 I suppose - although admittedly, I'm pretty excited about getting to 30. I mean, I have a husband, a baby, and a few dogs.  At this point, I'm thinking that I've already kind of let my twenties down a bit.  I usually go to bed around 9 pm, for crying out loud.  Shame on this twenty-something. 

But not today!  Today, I'm gonna act my age, because we have left the baby with my parents for TWO WHOLE DAYS.  We're off to Chicago for shopping, wine drinking, dinner-dating, and a wedding.  I'm gonna wear dresses that aren't functional for nursing and carry a teeny tiny purse.  I'm also probably going to do some dancing to very cheesy wedding band songs, and I sure do hope they play "SHOUT!" (Come on, you know you love it.  Weddings are the best.)  

But even if it's not, why don't you just party like it's your birthday this weekend, okay?  Because summer's almost over, and we all need to make the most of it.  Pep talk, finished.  

Here are this week's favorite links!  

Do you ever wonder what people who are constantly late are thinking?  

In case you're having a low key weekend in, here is a list of the best romantic comedies.  

Sonnet James has the last few of their summer dresses on sale - fall pre-orders open Monday!

How your name affects your success.  

The state of our house has been really stressing me out lately, so we're going to attempt a cleaning schedule.  Wish us luck!  

Got any recommendations for a great breakfast in Chicago?  We're already going here for dinner.  

Attempting to make this my motto right now.  


  1. We share a birthday! This year I've found two people who share my birthday. I've never had that happen before. Hope you had a wonderful day!

    1. That is crazy - such a good weekend for it too, on a holiday weekend!


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