friday link love

A few weekends ago, my friend Jess threw the most amazing event through her work at Alive magazine - Handmade Happy Hour in downtown St. Louis.  I thought I'd lost my photos from the event, but really they were just on Darrell's phone!  

Two of my uber talented friends, Elise & Sutton were also selling their wares at the event, and you would be remiss not to check out their online stores!  

Looking back on that summer evening, it is hitting me that I always have something awesome and fun to do on the weekends around here, and it is because of the amazing friends and family we have living in this city with us.  Tonight, a picnic in the park with the whole of Tower Grove, and tomorrow brunch & pool time with girlfriends and my little one.  I'd be pleased as could be if this summer just kept going and going...

And now, for this week's best links!  

Ever wonder how long wine lasts once you open it?  I ALWAYS do, and then I get a mouth full of vinegar from some red I've kept too long.  Here is your answer.  

Claire's not interested in TV yet, but when she is,  this is all I need to know about how much she should be allowed.  

The case against soulmates - I personally always found the concept to be a bit depressing.  Just one person?  For everyone?  Nonsense.  I believe I've chosen Darrell as my soulmate, but I also believe that if we hadn't ever met, or one of us had been born in India or whereever I would've met someone else wonderful.  

Be still my heart.  Gold polka dotted baby brogues.  

Made me laugh - especially since in the town I'm from, this is rampant!  

Really all I want to eat for the rest of summer is this pasta.  

My uniform for this weekend.  I've become hopelessly devoted to my Birkenstocks!  


  1. i need to try that pasta! and good tips about when to toss an open bottle of wine.

    1. I know right? Although I have to say - who tosses a bottle of white after like 3 days? I have one that's been open a week, and maybe I just don't have a very good palate but it still tastes good to me!


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