get me dressed/saturday night bbq

Saturday evening our friends decided to throw an impromptu bbq, which was awesome because Darrell & I had no sitter planned, and it's always easier for us to bring Claire with us to a friend's private home.  Not so easy?  Getting dressed for the night.  I think I spent 30 minutes tearing my closet apart, because so far summer has been really mild & I've been able to stay more covered up; Saturday it was over 100 degrees!  After convincing my husband I'd totally lost it, I managed to pull together this incredibly basic but comfy outfit, which is actually a dress I deemed too bare on top combined with a simple black tee.  On a side note, why do all the clothes you used to think were downright conservative suddenly seem too short, too tight, too revealing once you become a mom?  

Since this style post isn't too instructive, I thought I'd better tell you about the cocktail I'm drinking.  It's a super refreshing low calorie sipper that's perfect for this late summer heat wave.  

Strawberry Basil Prosecco

1 bottle prosecco
15-ish strawberries
10 basil leaves

In a blender or food processor, combine the strawberries and basil until pureed.  Mix together the puree & prosecco, and add to the top several "smacked" basil leaves (clap the leaves between your hands to release the flavor!)  When pouring for guests, serve over ice.  

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