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If you've read this blog long, you know I have a serious obsession with all things lashes.  Of all the frivolous products and treatments out there, I've inarguably spent the most money on my eyelashes. 

To create a gorgeous, doe-eyed look, you have a few options.  

1.  Have naturally fantastic eyelashes and apply a good mascara.  If that's you....well, I hate you, and you can leave now.  KIDDING.  But seriously, that's the cheapest way to go and it'll set you back maybe $8/month if you buy a good drugstore brand like Maybelline Falsies.  

2.  Use a fancy lash serum like Lilash or Prevage.  I've tried Prevage and it did improve the look of my lashes with mascara, but it certainly wasn't life changing.  

3.  Get really good and quick at applying falsies.  This is a great, cheap option, and if you make a set of falsies last 5-ish days and buy them in bulk on Amazon this will run you about $20/month.  Not bad, and you'll look pretty fantastic all the time.  

4.  Get eyelash extensions.  This is hands down my favorite option, because it's the only one that gives me the option to wake up and go in the morning, streamlining my "getting ready routine" down to less than 30 minutes.  They're estimated to last about 3 weeks, and if you get refills every 2 weeks at about $55/refill, they'll run you a little over $100/month to keep up full time.  That's pricey, and the initial application takes about an hour and a half, but if you can afford it I'd say this is the winner!  Especially for a special event like your wedding week - when else would you want to wake up looking perfect every morning more than on your honeymoon?  

When iLash studios in University city contacted me to see if I wanted to try them out, of course I said yes - my schedule since going back to work after having Claire has been a little crazy, and oftentimes fitting in a workout means not having time to do my makeup.  With eyelash extensions, I look "done" from the moment I wake up, and rested even when I'm not.  

Here were my eyelashes before:

And this is how awesome they look after Christie worked her magic:

Lash extensions are much more natural looking than falsies - rather than being a strip, these are individual hairs adhered to each lash.  They're pre-curled, so no need for that step either.  You can basically nap through the application process.  All you need makeup-wise with these on is a swipe of bronzer and some lipstick.  

If you need any more convincing, iLash studios in St. Louis is offering a special just for Light Sleeper, Heavy Dreamer readers from August 25th - September 25th: a full set of 
Xtreme Lashes will be just $175 (normally $250).  

In addition, one of you will be lucky enough to win a free set of lashes with Christie.  Just use the Rafflecopter widget to enter by following them on Facebook & Twitter!  

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