world breastfeeding week: nursing mama style

Ever since Claire's been born, I've been surprised by how many things I'm still limited by that were issues during pregnancy.  For example - you obviously can't drink while pregnant, but guess what?  You can't really drink if you're breastfeeding either.  Sure, there's the option to give a bottle, pump & dump, etc, but it's all so cumbersome & inconvenient that having more than a drink or two isn't really even fun anymore.  

Then during pregnancy, there's the challenge of dressing around the bump, and although it seems impossible at the time it's actually a piece of cake compared to the post-pregnancy challenge of dressing for nursing.  I'm not the kind of person who wants to seclude myself in the car every time Claire eats, #powertotheboobies, #normalizenursing, etc!, so finding outfits I can wear that provide easy & discreet access when she gets hungry has been a challenge I've tried to take on.  My uniform has been mostly jeans & a loose fitting top, with a baby wrapped on top of it all.  That way I can show as little as possible (like in the photo below.)  Not that it would matter if I didn't want to be discreet, because I think you should be able to feed your babies whenever, however you want to.

Fortunately these challenges don't feel like a struggle in the way that so many things during pregnancy do.  During pregnancy, you're just annoying with how limited your life is getting and oh-so-ready for that baby to arrive by the end.  Now, you have your babe's face to keep you going even when it seems really annoying that you're digging through your closet for a cocktail dress that works for networking and nursing (to which I say, get yourself a Sonnet James dress!)  

Then, you've got Pinterest to provide you with all the inspiration you could ever need for some great outfits that don't feel like a compromise at all. 

In conclusion, the magic equation for looking chic while nursing is: 

Drapey top + jeans + baby wrap + hat/sunglasses with: 

either birks, saltwater sandals, clogs, or ankle booties = 

The most perfect (and coolest) mom-ing outfit of all time.  

*ps - I'm going to do my best to bring back my own style posts (post baby body and all) for this purpose next week, so stay tuned!  

For more style inspiration (for mamas, or anyone!) you can follow me on Pinterest here.  

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