awkward and awesome tuesday

claire is wearing a headband from baby jules boutique, sweatshirt dress from old navy, leggings from carter's


Oh, I have some good ones this week, but let's just kick things off with the best one.  While pumping at work last week, I accidentally dripped breastmilk alllllll over my dress.  I had to grab some armfuls of stuff (water bottle, purse) to cover it until I got back to my desk, where I didn’t move until it dried.  Ridiculous.   

Incredibly high people stopping to stare at Claire while we were at Loufest (she came with us Sunday night in the carrier.)  Literally, at one point someone asked if she was a baby (duh) and then just continued to stare from about 3 feet away.  I asked Darrell if he knew the guy but.....nope.  

Also at Loufest, I fell and twisted my ankle in a pothole in front of about 100 people, right by the port-o-potties.  Don't even want to think about what was on the ground where I fell.  And what was up with NOT ONE PERSON asking if I was okay??


The word "autumn."  Don't you just love it?  So much better than boring old "fall."  

I am ONE SIZE away from pre-baby size.  Willpower is at an all time high.  

Want me to just run through all the cliche autumn things really quickly?  Hot chai tea lattes, boots, plaid, apples, Oktoberfest beers (yum!), jeans, soup, cardigans.  Okay, that's out of my system now.  

Autumn weather.  I cannot get enough of the temperatures around here lately.  It's the perfect cool 60 degrees for running in the morning, after dinner walks require a jacket and a hat on the baby, it's pretty fantastic.  (I mean, BABIES IN HATS COME ON.)  

A girl's night at Pinot's Palette!  It was so fun to have a few glasses of wine and get (sort of) creative with a little paint.  I'm so excited that St. Louis has one of these now.  Want to know a trick?  You get better at painting the more wine you drink.....okay maybe that was just in my head but it really seemed that way.  Still, my painting could have fallen into the category of "awkward" for sure.  Want to see it?  

Okay, yeah.  I probably could've stood to keep that to myself.  But seriously, they have a ton of locations across the US and it's a great (and unusual) spot for a girl's night or a date.  

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