awkward & awesome tuesday


On our drive home to Claire after being away all weekend, we not only got stopped by a train when we were 5 minutes out, but then Darrell got pulled over for speeding in literally the last mile of our drive.  My tears didn't sway the officer, Darrell got a ticket, but it may have been deserved.  We were driving pretty fast!  

While at our friends' wedding this weekend, I had to pump since I was away from the baby during her normal feeding times.  I thought we had parked in the most discreet location possible (far out by some dumpsters) but of course those dumpsters were where the wedding staff was taking all the trash intermittently.  There was an awkward nod to the employee whose facial expression could only be described as shocked & confused.  She was pretty young and I'm guessing she had absolutely no clue what I could be doing.  

I bought a dog clipper set to trim our dogs between appointments, since our regular groomer is ALWAYS overbooked.  It turned out to be quite the misguided idea.  I have no skills in that area & since Gatsby went first, he got the brunt of it.  He looks TERRIBLE and his regular grooming appointment is still and month and a half away.  Thankfully, I decided better than to tackle doing Fitz, so he still has his dignity. 


This super cheesy mom & baby selfie is probably my favorite moment of the entire weekend, so it had to be documented.  Three days apart may have been just a bit too long, I was a little bit hysterical when we were reunited.  

My parents, for watching Claire all weekend, and the constant photo updates they sent us.  It made our day to get a video of her coo-ing away.  

Baby shopping in Chicago!  We don't have Zara or H&M kids yet in St Louis, so it was fun to pick up a few things in person that I''d had pinned for a while.  

Upgraded hotel rooms.  I pulled the "it's my birthday" card all day Friday and it actually worked!  

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