awkward & awesome tuesday


Writing a post about how well your baby sleeps the week before your baby decides to not sleep well.  I'm not sure if that was karma or just bad timing, but fortunately we seem to be getting a handle on things again thanks to this article from the Pregnant Chicken.  

Tapping your neighbor's car first thing in the morning.  I'm beyond grateful that there wasn't even a scratch (I meant "tap" in its most literal sense) but WHOA sleep deprivation.  Not cool.  

Matching your baby every day, not on purpose but because you have a serious obsession with stripes that you apparently have no control over.  I get told on the daily "aw, you match"  and then my response is inevitably "oh yeah, we do I guess."  

The never ending bra size changes that come with getting pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding & beyond.  I have a drawer full of bras and legitimately have no idea which ones will fit me each morning.  I just start trying on and land on whichever one works.  


This ridiculously adorable print my friend Joanna made of a song that our friend wrote for his niece.  He graciously allowed her to use it for a print for Claire and we love seeing it hanging in her nursery.  My favorite things in that room were all from friends; a sweet monogram C, a woven wall hanging in the nursery colors by my friend Jess, a small jewelry box that used to belong to her Godmother and this print are just a few things that make me smile each time I notice them.  

Runs getting longer - it is so satisfying to be able to pop out the door and run 3 miles again.  Such a quick (and mentally rejuvenating) workout.  

Probably related to the running, my closet is slowwwwwwwly becoming accessible again.  

A slightly earlier bedtime for Claire means a little more hangout time for Darrell & I in the evenings. 

Going on a long walk just in the name of getting a chocolate chip cookie from my favorite bakery (which happens to be just around the corner from my house.)  Dangerous, but always so so so very worth it.  I'd also be lying if I didn't tell you that half the fun of going in there is everyone coo-ing over Claire.  

Blue Apron - there will be a more full review of this service very soon, but I am pretty well obsessed with their recipes and can't believe what we've been eating for dinner the past few nights.  

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