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It's been a crazy week around these parts - I kind of can't believe the weekend is already here!  It's our dear friends' daughter's 1st birthday this weekend, so we have lot of festivities happening.  First, the Beach Boys are playing for free on Friday night in our town (I have no idea why!) so we're pretty excited about that.  Then, if the weather holds out we have a baby pool party Saturday.  I mean, babies in swimsuits??? Nothing cuter.  I have a date with Miss Claire just her & I on Saturday night while her daddy goes to a concert.  Probably a little silly how much I'm looking forward to that, but a whole Saturday night to just snuggle with my girl sounds like total heaven.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

Lasinoh just conducted a worldwide survey of opinions surrounding breastfeeding.  The results are really fascinating.  

15 career tips from some very smart women.

Potentially the funniest tumblr blog I've ever seen - hilarious captions for stock photos of motherhood.

Want to know if it will take your whole life to get through War & Peace?  Here is a list of how long it takes to read the world's most popular books.

How it feels to take control of your health once again.

This post might be eye opening.

A beautiful post on capturing moments with your children, keeping them "for all the days."

Why paying your dues is so important.

This sounds like the perfect autumn dinner.

Surprising things about being a grown up (someone should have warned us.)

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