the weekender

So this weekend I bravely committed to a three day weekend away from the baby with Darrell.  Our friends were getting married in Chicago on Saturday, my birthday was on Friday, and we got a room at the Westin on Hotwire for $90.  So basically, the universe was saying YES, GO.  I was terrified to leave her, but we needed a weekend to ourselves pretty badly, so off we went.  

Our hotel was right along the river, and we had possibly the most gorgeous weather that Chicago has seen all year long.  What did we do in the city? 

Lots of this...

and this....

and this.  

Give me a break, okay?  It was my birthday.  Plus, the baby was in great hands.  

This is Claire & my grandma, her great grandmother who she obviously adores.  Between her and my parents Claire probably had the best weekend of her life so far.  

After a day of eating and drinking in the city, we headed to potentially the most Pinteresting wedding of all time, where our friends Karlien & Bryan tied the knot.   It was also on a farm, where our dinner was grown, and let me just say - best wedding food EVER.  

Wedding selfie.  

And sorry Alex, that's what you get for leaving that on our phone!  

Needless to say, we were exhausted by Monday, but thrilled to be reunited with Claire.  Oh, and last week I said I had an announcement (and I do!) but first I have to say - it was HILARIOUS how many of you thought I might be pregnant again.  First of all, no.  Second of all, who celebrates being pregnant by drinking wine??

The announcement is that Darrell got a fancy new job, which is what we were celebrating, and he started yesterday.  It's a really fantastic opportunity for him, and we are hoping that he just loves it.  Congrats, babe!  

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  1. Congrats on his new job!! Also, I love your dress.. what a great weekend.


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