awkward & awesome tuesday


Installing our new Maxi Cosi car seat.  It's got about 40 straps and buckles attached to it that I wrestled with for about 10 minutes, all to figure out that if your middle seat has a normal seatbelt, you just slide it through, and done.  Ours does.  Carseat > my brain.  

I spilt breast milk on my iPhone Wednesday - it fritzed for about 5 minutes afterwards, and I pondered all the while "what the heck am I going to tell the Verizon people if this breaks it?"  

We went to brunch with friends on Sunday and Claire fell asleep in her sling, as she usually does when we went out.  Assuming I had the rest of the meal to just relax and sip my mimosa was oh-so premature.  About 5 minutes into her nap, I was suddenly soaked in warm wetness.  Claire had pooped, then peed in an already heavy diaper and it exploded all over me, the sling, her, and the floor.  While Darrell carried her at arm's length to the restroom to clean her up, I attempted to dab away the mess from my sweater and not focus on the fact that our food hadn't even shown up yet and I was totally covered in baby.....everything.  

Darrell declared last night that our living room lamp was broken.  I'm a person who hates clutter, so I went to grab it and put it in with the trash - that was, until Darrell saw me heading for the door and shouted "wait!  I'm going to try putting a new bulb in it."  That's right folks, my husband the genius decided a lamp was broken without attempting to replace the bulb.  


Finding our local jazz station, and realizing how INCREDIBLY CALM it makes Claire.  I know that this has unfortunately stolen my ability to listen to anything else in the car but jazz, but I kind of like it (read; it's tolerable) and anything that makes that kid happy in her car seat works for me.  

Gilmore Girls on Netflix - in my head, I've moved to Stars Hollow.  It's on all.  the.  time.  How did I not watch this show as a teenager?  Also, every episode of Friends is coming to Netflix in January - it's like the universe knew I just had a baby and was thereby spending a LOT of time at home.  

Did you know that there is a gif keyboard app?  It is amazing, and it has made texting my true emotions so much easier.  

It was our two year wedding anniversary yesterday, and we went to the fanciest restaurant in town for a very fancy date.  It feels like we've been married forever, and yet like our wedding was yesterday.  I still haven't thought of anything to get him yet, *cotton* suggestions are welcome in the comments.  I know this will shock you, but Darrell bought me a pretty new sling.  #predictable

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