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My favorite movie is You've Got Mail.  I wish it was something more profound than that like the 1960s edition of War & Peace or maybe Citizen Kane, but no.  You've Got Mail.  Darrell is convinced I only like it so much because Kathleen Kelly is my spirit animal and if that's true I'll take it.  If not my spirit animal she's probably my idol.  That image of her marching to work at her bookstore, black opaque tights on with her wool skirt & coffee in hand will forever be one of my most prized sources of inspiration.  Although that movie ends with spring in the park, everybody knows that the best part is the beginning, with tales of Brinkley eating pizza & freshly sharpened pencils, the kind of witty repartee that only the nerdiest of us truly appreciate, always done best by Ms. Ephron.  

When that first cool, crisp fall air hits you and feels so so good,  there is so much promise.  Me & this baby girl (and what is promise if not a baby) are going to be doing our best to really enjoy this time over the weekend.  We'll take walks in Forest Park, brunch with family, devour Lena Dunham's new book & spend Friday night in cooking dinner.  We'll spend 72 hours absolutely refusing to think about the fact that any world exists past December, and soak in all the magic that is October.  Really though, that magic is always there in our teeny apartment with our tiny babe, just waiting for us to notice it and live in it.  

I don't have any links this week, truth be told I haven't been spending nearly as much time in front of my computer, but I wish you all a really wonderful October weekend 
(as if there were any other kind.)  

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