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So full disclosure: I almost always feel like I must be the MOST boring person to any hairstylist.  I don't color, mostly just get trims, and I like a standard blowout.  I would've done my usual wash, air dry, curl for the Well-Dressed Midwest Blogger Lounge this week, but then the perfect collaboration fell into my lap!  Jack at Mitch STL contacted me about coming in for something fresh, and I was so grateful.  Fashion Week is upon us and my hair needed some help.  I love the Grove (maybe the coolest neighborhood in St. Louis?) and I knew it was a match made in heaven when I pulled up next to this red door - don't you just LOVE a red door? My future dream home has a cherry red front door just like this.  

photo courtesy of mitch stl

The salon itself is gorgeous, set in the main floor of a renovated south city home.  The floor to ceiling windows in the main room make for some amazing light, even on the rainy day I visited them. 

photo courtesy of the stylist

I came in, took a look around, and Jack offered me water, wine, or beer.  I picked water because it was 12:30, but could absolutely see myself coming back another afternoon and having a glass of wine because Jack is exactly the kind of person you want to have a drink with - he was interesting, engaging, and funny; what more could you want in a hairstylist?  I think my favorite part of visiting Mitch was getting to chat with him for a bit!  (Okay, and the scalp massage - isn't the best part of any hair appointment the scalp massage?)  

After we talked a bit about my usual routine & my lifestyle, we ended up just freshening up what I already had - then Jack teased the heck out of it for the big blogger bash that evening!  It fell a bit in the rain, but I was so happy with it when I saw this promo shot from the party the next day: 

photo courtesy of alive magazine - bloggers Julia of Oh, Julia Ann, Rachel of Style Everyday, myself, and Marisa of Vogue Rhythm.  

Shinier and bouncier than it's been in MONTHS.  He also gave me a nice little mom hack: velcro rollers do wonders for the haircut he gave me!  No heat means I can wear the baby while they do their work - game changer.  I will definitely be back, and I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Jack!  

PS - The lovely redhead on the left is Oh, Julia Ann of lifestyle blogger fame, and Jack is responsible for her pretty locks as well.  We've both let the secret that he's in town out now, and I have no doubt that within a few weeks getting in with him will be easier said than done!  

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