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On Sunday night we were faced with the question every family is forced to address around 7 pm: cook....or get takeout?  Darrell & our neighbor had taken over the kitchen since 4 with home-brew beer bottling (a venture I support entirely because homemade IPA for me, at all times.  Happiness.)  It was clean, but we hadn't even begun to create any kind of meal, so we decided to go out.  Rooster, a St Louis institution for brunch just opened a second location in our neighborhood, and they added dinner service!  We were eager to try it, because their crepes can't be beat, so it was an easy group decision.  

The restaurant itself is really beautiful - they turned an ugly old 60s style bank into a really contemporary space.  The food was delicious and amazingly well priced considering the portions.   The wine list is short, but the beer list is long (also, cider!)  

Claire wanted to join our meal, and I happily obliged.  She gets better and better at this all the time, I'd daresay no one even noticed I fed her.   

Potentially my favorite part was the art on the walls - local kids drew their interpretation of a rooster and the result are surprisingly, well, professional looking!  Really, you would never know they were done by children.  So you can say it seriously the the next time you go to an art gallery and think "my 5 year old could do that."  

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