siri says

I usually do this post as "the weekender" but I had so many stinking cute baby pictures from this past week that I just decided to do a Siri says instead.  You don't mind extra baby pictures, do you?  Thought not.  Here we go!  

It was international babywearing week last week, so we really made the most of it!  Also, one of my babysitters had to quit so wearing her because a major necessity for a couple of days.  

And then when she ONLY wanted to be worn while standing, we set up this: 

Ironing board, desk, what's the difference really?  

Claire is the Cardinals' good luck charm - every time she wears a team onesie, we win.  No messing with it now!  

Thursday was shot day, and those days are the worst.  My kid actually handles the shots like a champ, but hours later we are guaranteed a nuclear grade meltdown (the world is ending!  Why was I even born!  That sort of thing.)  Then she passes out for a super long time, and I make cookies because by then I deserve a cookie.  Speaking of, use this recipe, don't question the Crisco.  You're welcome.  

The highlight of our weekend?  We accomplished the PERFECT Sunday.  It started with baby snuggles for me (I let Darrell sleep in, and also let him go out on Saturday night; wife of the year?) then we went to brunch, I ran 4 miles on waffle fuel, watched the last two SNLs, Claire took an EPIC nap during which I actually got to paint my nails, and we made homemade pizza & watched the Cardinals game.   I told you.  PERFECT.  

And that's pretty much what's been going on around here!  That, and some super glam fashion week stuff that is a major contrast to all these photos of me in sweatshirts.  Proof that I still get dressed like  a human being coming at you tomorrow, stay tuned!  

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