the weekender

I might say this every Monday, but I just really love weekends and this one was really REALLY exceptional.  Maybe it's just that when you have a baby and get to stare at the little ball of cuteness all weekend long it's hard not to think every one is better than the last.  I mean come on, look at that FACE. 

And hey, GO CARDS!  We spent Friday & Saturday nights watching the games, and although I missed the end (baby bedtime) I think I won wife of the year for letting Darrell stay out late both nights to see them to the finish and even celebrate a bit after we won.  Also, quit hating on St. Louis!  

Saturday morning we did a lot of baby hanging in bed until we finally got motivated to walk to the farmer's market.  We didn't need anything in particular, but the chai apple cider was worth the trip.  Fall is really doing us right in St. Louis - nice and cold in the morning & evening, with bright sun and shimmering leaves all day long.  I couldn't really ask for anything other than for it to keep it up until December!  No early winters!  

Lately Claire's definition of playing is "try and put everything I can get my hands on into my mouth" and she can look pretty furious - I was cracking up at her evil eyes while she went after her stuffed deer.  

We did a lot of chilling on the couch Saturday because at night my sister & I ran a 5K, her first ever!!  Please enjoy these not-that-attractive photos taken at night with the flash.....

This race was hilarious - I'm fairly sure that of the thousand or so participants, maybe 30 of us were taking it seriously?  I literally saw groups of people walking the course with a cooler of beer.  It was a "glow run," so I knew there would be some novelty participants, but really the lack of competition made it a great intro back into racing after being out for so long.  Plus I ran a sub 30 minute 5K, so that was a pretty great time for me!  

I could say we didn't match on purpose but.....I like to keep it real around here.  I love matching.  

Sunday there was just a whole lot of hanging out in bed with my little lady, brunch with my parents to celebrate our race success, and I got to see Gone Girl (a movie in an actual THEATER, what!?)  We're finishing up the day with a pretty epic Real Housewives marathon & takeout - what could be better than those things + this face?  

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