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Happy International Babywearing week!  Truthfully, I had no idea until Sunday that it even WAS International Babywearing week, but the timing couldn't be more serendipitous because this week we are kicking off a sling circle with Vienna Springs Etsy shop.  

What's a sling share?  

Well, it's common in the babywearing community for a person with a highly sought after sling to lend it out to a series of mamas so that they can try it out and wear it for a week or two.  It's an act of generosity from one mom to the next, and in the end it really benefits the owner because a broken in sling is the most comfortable and easy to use.  For our sling share, each woman will receive a Vienna Springs silk sling for a week, document her experience wearing her baby that week, and then pass it on to the next recipient.  At the end when the sling is all broken in and filled with love, we'll be donating it to Baby Buggy, a charity that provides supplies to mothers in need.  

The real reason behind the sling share is to share the experiences of the women participating.  I posted my guide to babywearing a couple weeks ago, but more important than my instructive post is hearing about how wearing our children affects our mothering and the happiness of our children, something I just know these women's stories will illustrate better than I could alone.  The sling will begin its journey around the country this week starting with Laura, the talented owner of Vienna Springs and mom to Leah, then coming to me.  I hope you'll be as excited as I am for each of these posts.  I'll have the first post up in a couple of weeks, but before then you can follow along on Instagram by searching the hashtag #viennaslingshare.  

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