warning: this post is alllllll about strollers

I know, I know, the last thing the internet needs is another post about strollers.  BUT.  I owned a lot of them, and I really feel like there is a serious lack of info about jogging strollers/inexpensive strollers in particular out there, and that's mostly what I owned.  So without further adieu...

1.  The Britax B-Agile

This was our first ever stroller, and it's the one we still have for everyday use.  It collapses in one piece, holds a ton of stuff in the storage basket and zip pocket, and is a total dream to steer.  Claire hates pretty much all strollers - REALLY - she way prefers to be worn, but this is what we use if we're shopping for clothes and wearing her isn't really an option with all the on and off.  It's super affordable, and we really love it.  I would say its only cons are that it can't convert to a double stroller, and once you stop using the carseat with adapter, the baby can't face you.  But, it's really fantastic.  This is by far the stroller we see the most in St. Louis, which is a town where people drive everywhere.  We also see a lot of B-Readys, which is a similar model you can convert to a double stroller - in hindsight, I might have gone for that one.  I'm assuming its popularity has something to do with the fact that one single parent can fold it up and throw it in the trunk with ease, even with the baby on your hip.  I would put a disclaimer here - I didn't love the Britax B-Safe carseat that often comes with it, and neither did Claire.  We just switched to a Maxi Cosi Pria convertible seat and she seems to prefer it 100x over.

2.  Bugaboo Frog

This, we got on Craigslist.  I had heard SO many things about how amazing Bugaboo was that when I found this on Craigslist, I snapped it up, since it was listed at just $120.  I had read that it was basically the exact same as a Cameleon (it is, I often had people mistake it for a Cam) but truth be told, I didn't like it much.  I thought the storage basket wasn't easy to access, and I didn't like the two piece fold.  This is more of a city stroller than a suburban stroller - i.e., if you're pulling it into your apartment complex and parking it, you'll love it.  If you aren't, it's a huge pain.  Some of the benefits are that a) it's pretty, and b) baby can face you or face out.  Otherwise, I'd say it's a no go.  I actually ended up handing this one off to my parents to keep at their place, and they only use it to go on walks with the baby.

3.  BOB Revolution SE

This is another stroller that we bought used, for a little over $300 at a local resale shop.  The BOB is HUGE, which was fine because we never folded it and took it anywhere, I used it solely for running from our apartment to the park.  It folds in two steps (not a one-handed operation).  If this was your everyday stroller, you could get a lot done with it.  The front wheel can be locked for running or unlocked to swivel - I see a lot of families using this at the mall or just on a slow stroll.  The basket is gigantic, the sunshade basically encapsulates the entire thing, and of course it's a dream to steer.  The ONLY downside is that it doesn't block wind, you would need a rain cover to make that happen, and for that reason we ended up selling it because I run mostly in the winter.

4.  Thule Chariot

This is definitely my favorite jogging stroller.  It steers amazingly well considering that the front wheel stays locked, and totally encapsulates baby to block out wind and moisture.  It also has a "hammock" insert for jogging with infants that keeps them from getting jostled about, so you can jog with them from a very young age even when head control isn't 100%.  It's got a big basket in the back for keeping your water bottle, diaper & wipes, and a wrist strap that is actually long enough (the BOB's keeps you pretty closely tethered to the stroller.)  It's also incredibly lightweight - my mile time doesn't decrease when I go from running with to without.  If you're a biker, this stroller's front wheel removes and you can use it as a bike trailer.

The cons?  The front wheel doesn't swivel, this is a jogging stroller only.  It's pricey, retailing for at least $600.  If you need an all-in-one stroller and that's your budget, I would definitely get a BOB + the rain cover.  BUT, if you're going to be running for a long time and have more than one baby, this  is so worth it.  If I hadn't received this as a hand-me-down, I would go back and buy it for myself.  

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