what claire wore: baby moccasins

Here's a funny quirk about older people: they seem to be constantly concerned about how cold Claire's feet are.  Really, if she's upset she cries (it's not a complicated equation) but regardless I've found that it's good to have something on her feet.  Socks don't stay on AT ALL, and can really knock an outfit down a notch.  I'm not a fan of fake "real shoes" with hard soles because Claire likes to stand on your legs and I think they throw her balance off.  Baby moccasins are the perfect middle ground - they're as comfortable and as gentle on teeny feet as socks are, and just as warm if you choose leather.  

I had initially assumed that baby moccasins were crazy expensive - Freshly Picked anybody?  I'm legitimately convinced that the only people who actually own their $60 mocs for babies are 

a) wearing Payless on their adult feet as a result of their outrageous baby shoe spending addiction 

b) obsessed with Shark Tank or 

c) were gifted free pairs from the company because blogger.  

I am none of those things, and yet Claire has a nice little collection to match just about any outfit she has.  Here are my not-so-secret sources for finding them at a price that's worth paying for the month your baby will wear them.  

1.  Giggles & Fluff.  They have a great selection of basic colors, the prices are unbeatable, they use real leather and the mama who owns this shop is beyond sweet.  I would say they run a bit large.  Follow them on Insta for updates on sales & restockings!  

2.  Sweet n Swag.  This is another crazy affordable brand, and they have a much larger variety of colors & patterns than Giggles & Fluff.  I have the Rose Gold pair pictured, and they are extremely pretty, you could never tell they were fake leather and I'm really excited for Claire to grow into them.  

3.  The Coral Pear.  This is the shop I would say has the closest to what Freshly Picked is offering.  They carry a huge variety of sizes & colors and the leather they use is extremely high quality.  I bought Claire's cognac colored pair from here because I knew she would be wearing them more than any other shoes, and they run very true to size.  

4.  Shop Mini Moxie.  These moccasins are a little wilder, and right up the alley of any mama who likes big time sparkle & bling.  I've not yet ordered any but the tasseled pair above is definitely on my list.  A little pricier, these are around $50.  

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