awkward and awesome tuesday



Overhearing younger twenty-something's call us bad parents for bringing Claire to the brew festival.  I can't wait till they have kids of their own and never leave the house again!  If I go, Claire goes (and she goes in the sling, where she's happy 99% of the time!)

Having to go out at 8:30 on Saturday night and needing coffee to do so.  I want to be cooler than that, but I am just not!  

Claire pooped allllll over herself last week on our way out of the house.  I changed her but there was no time for a bath.  A few hours later, I could still smell poop, but had no idea where it was coming from!! Never figured it out, but needless to say that was the point I just bathed and washed everything we had touched all day.  

I think I'm getting sick.  You can't really take anything when you're breastfeeding (it's practically worse than when you're pregnant) so I've moved deeper into my hippie-ness and bought a medicine cabinet worth of essential oils.  Here's hoping the hype is real?  Now tell me, do I need an amber teething necklace?  Do they really work?  


Cloth diapering!  We are loving it so much, I'll definitely be doing a post about it in a few weeks when we've had a little more experience.  

Gilmore Girls on Netflix-all day everyday, Darrell is as into it as I am.  

Amy Poehler's new book!  Claire likes to nap while laying on top of me, so it's been great to have something to look forward to while she sleeps.  

My pants all fit again!  Legitimately one of the most awesome things ever.  

Claire is finally getting nice and chubby after months of people telling me how teeny tiny she was!  I'm thrilled (I mean, I built those thigh rolls!)  The only downside is, she was growing so slowly before the I really invested heavily in 3-6 month clothing and I'm just not sure we've got that much longer with those!  

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