the weekender

Oh hey!  Hope you had as rad of a weekend as we did : )  

There was lots of snuggling, lots of snow, lots of sushi.  Really, lots of all the things & people we love.  So let's get this kicked off with the picture that embodies our life right now - a semi-mobile baby with a cute cloth diaper booty.  

Babies in bonnets in slings - is there anything cuter (the answer is no!  No there's not!)  

Friday night we went to Art: 314 @ the Contemporary Art Museum - a fun excuse to dress up.  Claire was not into my selfies quite as much as I was, but come on - gotta max out on the selfies when your false eyelash game is on!  

And then I got exactly one photo of my outfit...... #notafashionblogger

Claire woke us up at 7 the next day (actually, that's later than I thought we would get) so we got productive and put the tree up!  It was perfect timing - the first snow of the year started to fall that afternoon.  

And then this happened.  I swear my best timeline of Claire's growth will be the insane amount of photos I have of her sleeping on her daddy's chest.  Why can't it always be the weekend?  

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