vienna sling share/volume 1: laura & i

NOW you've got a smile on your face, if you didn't already, am I right?  I mean, how can you NOT after taking one look at that incredibly adorable, chubby cheeked chipmunk of a baby that is obviously SO beyond happy to be hanging with her mama.  And her mama, she rocks.  I'm so excited to start the first installment of the Vienna Springs Sling share today.  In case you missed my post a couple of weeks ago, here is the jist of it: Laura, pictured above, is a master maker of baby slings.  She makes every babywearing mama's dream come true by making affordable, beautiful silk slings for women & babies of all tastes, sizes, budgets.  I met her on Facebook of all places but I have to tell you, I feel like she's a real life friend I've known forever.  

Laura lives in San Diego with her little Leah Vienna & her husband: 

Babywearing dads?  Excuse me while I go melt...

And since she made the pretty sling we'll be wearing & sharing (sisterhood of the traveling pants style) she kept it for a bit first, and she & I will be the first to tell you guys why we love babywearing.  

From Laura: 

Babywearing for us, has been an ideal alternative to carrying or strolling your baby.  I was thrilled to participate in the sling share, because I wanted moms to be able to try a sling that I made & fill it with love, before we sent it on to a mother in need.  It is my pleasure to share Huckleberry with all of the participants and readers.  During my time with Huckleberry, I visited my first Octoberfest fair in San Diego - we saw live music, ate yummy food, played games, and were part of the large crowd with no trouble at all.  We had such a great time, and baby wearing allowed me to be highly mobile & comfortable.  Not only that, through all of our outing I was sharing a special, cozy bond with my baby.  My daughter got to experience the fair from the same point of view that I did.  I can't wait to see where this sling travels to & hear all the great stories.  Thank you so much for sharing this sling with me & filling it with love.  

xoxo Laura - Vienna Springs

From Me: 

One of the days we had Huckleberry, Claire had shots.  This kid, she handles the shots themselves like a champ - yes, there are tears, but after a little milk & some cuddles, she's calmed down enough that we can strap into the carseat and head home as though nothing's been done.  But LATER.  A couple of hours later, I'm forced to brace myself for the meltdown of meltdowns that is inevitably coming my way.  The inconsolable screams of a baby that might as well mean "WHYYYYYY did you do this to me??? You're awful!  I hate you!  Etc, etc, etc!"  Having trouble picturing it?  

It pretty much looks like that.  

The only thing that has worked for us on shot days, is to have Claire fairly well live in the sling, and since Laura insists that she pops Leah into every sling she sends out first to fill it with "happy dust" I figured I had nothing to lose.  Five minutes later she had stopped crying (her little body bouncing with those tiny aftershock sobs, but slowly returning to normal.)  

Ten minutes later, she was passed out.  

Twenty minutes later, I was able to lay her down for a solid nap, with the sling as a blanket.  

I never would have learned about babywearing if not for Facebook & blogs, so I feel a real duty to pass it on to all the mothers who read this.  Although Darrell will forever make fun of me for spending so much time chatting with people I've never met, I'll always be grateful for the women I've connected with through babywearing.  I can't wait to share the next stories from Jessica & Crystal, coming up in a couple of weeks!  

You can check out Laura's Etsy store here - I warn you, it will look empty!  She stocks on specific days each week, and to find out when you can follow her Instagram here.  

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