newly minted traditions

Claire has the great fortune of being the first grandchild in our family - to say that she's had attention lavished on her since birth would be an understatement, and we've recorded practically her entire life.  Between the new iPhone's "burst" feature and my obsession with documenting her outfits we have so many good pictures of our daughter - pictures we have absolutely no idea what to do with!  It seems silly to leave them on our phones for our eyes only (and we share with anyone who cares to see in a shared photo stream) but it can be a cumbersome task to print and fill photo frames.  I'm not a crafty person and I am 100% okay with that.  

I'm also picky - the photo frame market isn't exactly geared towards young and modern, so when I found Minted's collection of photo art I was thrilled.  Here was something I wanted hanging in my home!  They have perhaps the only "baby's first year" option I've ever considered let alone really  wanted.  For those of us who take perhaps a few too many photos of our children (never!) they have great options like this "I love you to the moon and back" print that allows you to fill in with all your best snaps.  I could probably fill in three of them, actually, but I'll try to restrain myself.  If you happen to be able to narrow it down to just one photo - I applaud you - their gold foil prints are an amazing way to highlight some photography magic.  When you add the option of their (very affordable) modern gallery framing you have an all-in-one way to preserve your memories in the best way possible.  Expect photos of my living room covered in little collages of Claire, coming very soon!

ps - i was compensated by minted for posting about their art, but all opinions included are my own, i've been using their services for cards, invitation, and calling cards for years!  

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