the weekender/christmas edition!

Sorry for the radio silence everyone!  Our little house got attacked by the nastiest of colds, and last week, well I think we can pretty much strike it from the record.  Not much of anything happened really, and Darrell was the only one that made it out unscathed - although he was STILL forced to take a sick day just to take care of Claire & I on 6 month shot days.  Shot days are the worst, am I right?!  And I was just kind of pathetic at that point, all sweatpants and coughs and runny nose nonsense, not nearly the kind of parent you want taking care of your baby that just had 3 shots (in one day!  sheesh!) so Darrell came home from work and took over.  

I think we're mostly out of the woods now, I've been diffusing all the anti-germ essential oils for a week (more on this soon....) and it seems to have actually worked.  Friday night we went out for noodle soup just to make sure every cold was properly kicked to the curb. 

There is this fantastic restaurant in St. Louis' Chinatown called Famous Szechuan Pavilion.  Yes, we have a Chinatown, and yes it is VERY small.  But it exists!  Having been to China, well, this is as close to the real deal as it gets.  They don't turn the heat on (space heaters only, which I'm not sure actually saves any electricity but you know....) and the water isn't served cold.  Cleanliness is questionable.  However!  It's BYOB and all the food is served boiling hot, so no worries.  Get the house noodle soup and the vegetable fried rice.  Bonus points for frying an egg and serving it atop the fried rice leftovers for breakfast the next day!

 By Saturday we were all feeling mostly recovered and decided that it was time that Claire meet Santa!  She basically killed the first Santa visit.  Is it a little mean if I say I was kind of disappointed she didn't cry?  Those pictures are kind of hilarious.  I'm sure I'm jinxing us for next year and she'll have a total meltdown.  But she loved this guy!  He was sort of magical in a Miracle on 34th street kind of way.  He actually insisted he chat with every child after taking a picture (which made the line loooooooong) and he really did talk to Claire, and she stared into his eyes like he was Old St. Nick for sure, just rapt in attention.  Crazy stuff.  I'm not sure I could've felt any more warm & fuzzy.  

 Claire is definitely into the sparkly and fun elements of Christmas.  Her exersaucer is right next to our tree and this is pretty much all she does in it anymore: 

Holds her little hands like that and stares at the lights.  Okay, now for the rest of the baby photos this week that are completely unrelated to this narrative.  

She keeps trying to pull herself up on things and I keep telling her she's only 6 months old.  So far, she's winning this argument.  

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