vienna sling share/volume 3: kara

This week I'm thrilled to introduce Kara Peck and her daughter Grace, who will be sharing their very bittersweet (last!) babywearing experiences in our sling share series with Vienna Springs.  

In Kara's words: 

I first dabbled in wearing with my third baby, however, I had no help or advice.  Couple that to the carrier I had not being ideal, and I never got the hang of it.  

Fast forward to the fourth baby, and I started looking into better options.  It was that or drown!  I'm sure most parents can relate to that feeling.  With Grace, I found a much better carrier and a large community of help.  My experience just grew from there.  With such a large group of support and advisors, I quickly found myself deeply obsessed with wearing my daughter!  I was trying all the carriers I could get my hands on and making friends through it all.  I loved it!  

I had been wearing my "baby" for two years, at that point you become a toddler wearer, and you have to be a little more fierce about your decision to wear your child.  That's about the time I stumbled into a sweet group of friends online and found the Vienna Springs sling share.  I was quick to jump at the chance to try her slings.  My wearing days were slipping away, and the opportunity couldn't be missed.  I signed up and anxiously awaited my turn.  I began to wonder if we would even use it in the week we were slotted to have it.  Well the day it came, I opened up the package, feeling rather bittersweet about it.  Grace knows when new carriers are in the house, she was super excited.  When she saw it, she said "Ohhh pretty!"  Her eyes were lit up and she immediately wanted an up!  I was thrilled, I can tell you.  We of course loved the sling.  More than that, loved the fact that we could put all the love we had for wearing and all the love and friendships we had been give into a sling, and share it.  How amazing is that?  To be a part of something so beautiful.  I am honored and blessed.  The day we took these pictures is the last day we wore.  I am sad to say it, but so glad to be passing on the love.  To know that something so special exists is wonderful!  I think it's also safe to say, my daughter was thankful too!  Look at that smile!  I may not be wearing anymore, but that doesn't mean I've lost the love and kinship with other babywearing mamas.  I pass it on wherever I can.  As you can see, I'm not the only one who feels that way.  As parents, we often feel alone - well you aren't!  Don't hesitate to reach out.  Chances are you'll be as welcomed and blessed as I have been.  

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