claire at 7 months

You guys, this little girl.  She is becoming more her own person by the second.  She was 7 months old on January 9th (what is happening!?) and she is so entertaining and sweet, and sometimes so challenging!  

She's ambitious to the degree that she frustrates herself all the time.  See how much she's standing in these photos?  She can't really stand on her own yet but she sure WANTS to.  She spends most of her time propped on the edge of our ottoman scooting back and forth between it and the couch.  It seemed she was bored with sitting up as quickly as she learned how to do it.  On to the next skill!  She can crawl but she doesn't much care for it.  

She is sleeping like a champ at night although she is not the best napper - she needs to be held or in a carrier to nap, and I've not successfully gotten her to nap in her crib.  I'll admit, I don't mind the extra snuggles!  

She is finally interested in solid food which is a whole new adventure for us, but I wasn't rushing her.  Breastfeeding has been so easy for us that I was hesitant to introduce another task and mess, but this past week she has definitely ramped up her interest in solids!  So far she's eaten spaghetti squash, avocado, banana, coconut milk yogurt (her FAVORITE), strawberries, clementines, and bread - she loves bread and it keeps her occupied at restaurants, although we try to keep it to a minimum!  We are doing a combination of purees and baby led weaning - depending on the food, if she can't eat it or grab it well without help I'll puree it in our mini chopper, but if she can I just let her go at it on her own and have a sink bath ready!  

She loves to be read to, talked to, and has started to babble and say "da da da da" and "ma ma ma ma."  I think real talking is coming soon.  She is a total mommy's girl, but dad always gets the best smiles!  

Claire bear, we love you more than words can say, but slow down this growing up!  You're breaking your mamas heart and making it swell with pride all at the same time.  

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