the story of a monday

I'm sure by the end of this post, all you full time stay-at-home-moms will be laughing at me. I'm sure you'll be thinking "it could have been so much worse."  There are also days when I'm working all day and I'm jealous of you.  I miss my daughter, and I think that nothing sounds better than snuggling her during her naps, feeding her all of her meals, and taking her to mommy & me yoga.  

This Monday.......was not one of those days.  

Sunday night my Monday sitter texted me to let me know that she was sick.  It happens, it's cold and flu season, and I'm blessed with a flexible job.  "I'll stay home with Claire" I decided.  Darrell had already agreed to work late all week.  12 hours at home alone with the baby and the dogs - basically an extended weekend, right?  

Things started off really well.  I figured "I'm home for the day, I'll make Claire a realllly healthy breakfast."  

Broccoli Cheddar Frittata.  I was feeling pretty good about that.  Eggs!  Protein!  Veggies!  Dairy!  

Claire: "No thanks mom.  I just want the bread."  

Fair enough, I could usually say the same.  

Then we moved onto naptime - this went better than I had hoped.  She fell asleep on me!! So cute!! She never does this anymore.  So I was all set to sit back and relax until I realized....

I kind of really had to pee.  Also, I couldn't reach my phone, or the remote, or my laptop. Blerg.  Tried to roll her off of me - no dice.  Screaming.  Okay then, we'll just sit here doing.....nothing?  For approximately an hour.  

I wised up for nap number two, and wrapped her up on my back so that I could get some stuff done (laundry, maybe?)    

That nap lasted all of 35 minutes.  We went back to the kitchen for lunch, ate a veggie puree pouch, and changed clothes to have some fun playing with Gatsby for a while....

Until our labradoodle Fitz got spooked, ran into the living room and completely knocked Claire to the floor.  Cue screaming baby, incredibly angry mom, and end of peace.  

There was much crying, and fussing, and that heavy sobbing breathing that babies do after something *really really really* traumatic has happened like getting knocked from you rather precarious edge of the ottoman perch by a rather large fluffy dog.  

This was about the point that I resorted to Blue's Clues for the last hour before Dad got home.  

It was also the point I realized that teething had probably played a part in the past 8 hours (duh?!)  and remembered to get out the frozen rings.  They would have been so handy had I not realized this 30 minutes before bedtime.  

Thankfully, she went down easily.  And there was wine.  And Darrell cleaned up the mess from the chili I made for dinner (yes!  I made dinner!)  so in the grand scheme of things, I'm a fantastic and exaggerated whiner.  All this to say - stay at home moms and single moms have the hardest jobs in the world.  I bow down, and send you lots, and lots of virtual wine.  

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