a snowy week in st louis

It snowed in St. Louis yesterday, and the entire city is apparently in a catatonic state as a result.  My workout class got canceled, along with two interviews, a handful of restaurants, and work for several friends.  My sainted babysitter decided she was up for the trek to my apartment, and for that I am forever grateful because there was a stack of work to get through.  I could always have attempted to work while watching Claire, but that gets more difficult all the time due to her learning how to do things like this...

 Is it setting a bad precedent that I pretty much let this happen?  It kept her busy for almost half an hour! While Claire is at home terrorizing her sitter, I'm sure, I'm sitting at my co-working space using my coat as a blanket because apparently they don't like to turn the heat up past 55 degrees?  That's about how cold it feels in here and everywhere else in the city for that matter - trust me, I tried a coffee shop and Panera yesterday.  They're all this cold. 

 Thankfully I get to go home (to our 75 degree house, Lord help me come this next electric bill) this evening and snuggle and eat chili and maybe can I just hibernate for the rest of the winter?  I don't really want to come out until March.  I haven't even taken out Claire for pictures of her in her first snow because, well, have I mentioned how cold I am?  It's not leaving though, so no worries!  No temperatures above 40 for the foreseeable future!  This is quickly turning into the whiniest blog post of all time, how about some more baby pictures to make up for that, hey?

 Claire stands up now, which is terrifying - it means walking can't be too far off and come on, MAKE IT STOP!! She's only 8 months old and it took her forever to roll over but apparently she decided to make up for lost time.    

She also REALLY digs climbing things, and I feel like I'll need eagle eyes at the playground this summer because while her climbing skills are good, her dismount needs work. 

(ps - In case you hadn't noticed, this blog has mostly turned into a personal diary.  While I loved posting to share outfits/awkward & awesome/natural parenting techniques and will continue to do so when I feel like it, I've pretty much decided to give up on pressuring myself to keep this up in any organized fashion.  I am mostly posting now for friends & family who want baby updates, but I do plan to leave it public for any longtime readers who still want to stop by just for fun.) 

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