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Oh, have you been wondering what we've been up to lately?  Really nothing too terribly interesting, but since you're here...

We were sitter-less again on Monday but we made the most of it, this time.  There was much more snuggling and much less crying.  Call me a crazy hippie, but those amber teething necklaces are really magic.  I swear.

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One of Claire's funnier quirks is her obsession with anything and anything crinkly.  She loves (in no particular order) plastic bags, bubble wrap, aluminum foil, saltine cracker packets, potato chip bags, and half empty water bottles.  My mom has joked that perhaps she'll grow up to be a packaging designer - sure, why not - and here she is in her happy place, being heavily supervised while getting more joy than any human possibly ever has from a ziploc bag filled with Hersey kiss wrappers.  Also, I have no idea who ate all those Hershey kisses!!

 photo IMG_8201_zpsf3kqp60k.jpg

 photo IMG_8187_zpsx3tenq8a.jpg

Her newfound mobility has gotten to where it REALLY wears her out quickly, and the child who used to take 2 naps a day now sometimes needs 4 little naps.  Where does she take those naps?  Not in her crib that's for sure.  No, Claire Olivia Hayes prefers to be strapped to my person while she naps, so we've gotten heavily into the wrapping.  She still sleeps in her crib, in case you were wondering if I ever sleep (although the answer is really, I could sleep more.)  I'm planning to start a series on baby wrap reviews, kind of similar to my sling posts, but we'll get around to that in a bit - maybe when it warms up a bit and I get brave enough to actually take some photos outside?

 photo IMG_8179_zpsgpi1rcnq.jpg

Her OTHER new big thing is pouches - yes, I basically convinced myself I'd never ever give Claire one of these things and we'd do Baby Led Weaning and I'd complete my circle of natural parenting, but just like she hated bed sharing, this one is just falling into the category of "whatever works."  Plus she looks SO INCREDIBLY CUTE eating them.

 photo IMG_8209_zpsqaacvu4d.jpg

This is the face she makes when it runs out of juice:

 photo IMG_8218_zpsolxh9hnc.jpg

Disclaimer - the brand pictured isn't my favorite, it was just a diaper bag emergency pouch.  I usually do my best to source out the organic/low sugar kind that you can only get at the fancy grocery stores, but such is life.  Sometimes you give your kid the peach sugary smoothie if it makes them happy.

She also says "mama" now (first world, I'm just the teeniest bit proud) but usually only when she wants me/is mad at me, go figure.

 photo IMG_8183_zpswkfu5vgp.jpg

All in all, things are pretty crazy and wonderful around here.  Just riding out the last of the worst season of the year (I'm side-eyeing you, winter) until we get to all the fun we have planned in spring and summer - there are a truly obscene number of concert tickets sitting in Darrell's inbox, and we couldn't be happier about it.  

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