things of note.

This smile. 

 At the recommendation of a friend, I've discovered an alcohol delivery service in St. Louis.  I'm convinced this was mostly designed for parents.  (ps - get $5 off your first order and have a date night in using code "kgwcp")

 Our plants may have to go, if Claire doesn't kill them all first anyways.  They're like a baby magnet - also, since I have no idea what species any of them are (other than "easy to care for potted plant I found on sale at Wal-Mart) their toxicity level being an unknown quantity really freaks me out.  

 Darrell & I took half days on Thursday & we all went to the Magic House and out to lunch.  It was a pretty perfect day, and such a treat to have them all to myself. 

 The static electricity ball at the Magic House is a rite of passage, and I will forever cherish this ridiculous photo of Claire's hair.  

Also at the Magic House, I'm fairly sure she managed to put every thing they have on or in her mouth.  This kind better have a gangbusters immune system by age 2.  

She found her way into Gatsby's kennel the other day and promptly got upset about the matter of getting out.  

Other things not requiring a photo...

-House of Cards comes out this weekend, so you know how I'll be spending the next 72 hours....

-We have a babysitter on Saturday night to go out and do adult things, and is it sad that I'm mostly excited to wear something decidedly not breastfeeding friendly?

And because it's been a million years, a few of my favorite links lately:

The best Bachelor recap out there, by hilarious former contestant Sharleen.  

A ridiculously amazing website for buying pretty underthings - at the best prices ever.  I'm addicted, and I'm nearly impossible to shop for when it comes to bras.

Maybe this sweatshirt could make me forget about how cold it is?   

I am so, so guilty of this

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