around here lately - it's spring!

How good is that feeling on the first warm day?  When you have totally forgotten (completely!) how it even feels to be that warm, how delicious it is.  We fairly lived outside this weekend, brunching, lunching and walking all over St. Louis for as long as Claire would stand it.  

 We are ALL about the bonnets for summer to protect this baby head, although we really need to get better about sun-screening her sweet face because dodging to stay shaded once she fell asleep and hung her head wasn't really working for us! 

(I just thought this ^ picture was cute!) 

 Back napper in our sling at iTap in Soulard!  This sweet face just kills me.  

Some daddy/daughter selfies while they waited for me to pick up ice cream!  I know, I'm a terrible blogger for not getting pictures of this, but she looooooooved it.  Although not the solid frozen bites - baby brain freeze! - she licked up every drop of the melty spoonfuls we fed her.  

Mommy/daughter selfies just to even things out - this little one has fallen a bit in love with her own reflection lately!  She practically launches herself at the mirror, and it's not hard to get her to smile for a baby selfie.  

 Look at that teeny tiny ponytail!!!

And a few more sweet smiles just because.  I'm so thrilled for baby sundress weather!   (Claire's here is from Old Navy.) 

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