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 I'll preface this post by saying that last week, Claire had an accident that resulted in a trip to the hospital, so thing have been a bit jumbled in our lives.  Not going into any more detail than that because I just really don't want to, but I was home last week with her to keep an extra close eye on things.  Super, incredibly grateful that she is okay, and that I have a job flexible enough to give allowances for when things like that happen in life.  

 She is recovering really well - as evidenced by all these photos, which were all taken in the past week while I was home! 

 We drug our mattress into her room to sleep on the floor for a bit - this was probably more for me than for her, but it also served as a wonderfully cushy play mat for the week.  

However, it also meant claire sleeping very strangely - she's normally solidly asleep (save one wake up to quickly nurse) from about 7pm to 6:30 am.  Here you can see how dim the room is - I'm pretty sure it was about 5:30 am.  She just couldn't stay asleep with us so close, tempting her to get up and play!  

Just twinning with her, watching a movie - she was extra snuggly for a couple of days, which suited me just fine.  

Although mostly just super happy!  Seriously, we have never played so much and she was way spoiled having me home 24/7.  

 We have enough hair for clips!! Which is good because her bangs are verging on being actually in front of her eyes.  

 As you can see, she refused to be slowed down.  My life is now basically that of a human-catch net.  I almost wish (cue tears) that she would just learn to walk so that she could be more stable!  Right now she's of teetering on the edge of it, although nothing will stop her from climbing onto the changing table and pulling all the diapers from their organized bins.  

 Claire "I heart fluff" Hayes.  

We took long walks both days this weekend, because the sunshine & 60 degree weather was just too good to resist - really it was so warm!  And the pretty black wrap is on loan from a friend, we're just using it as much as we can before we send it home.  

Sorry for the super short post, I just wanted to get these photos out there but I have SO much work too catch up on!  Have a great week everyone!  

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