five spring styles

Doing a complete 180 from this blog's usual stream of baby-centric posts, I thought I'd bring back a little bit of style this week.  

To be totally frank, I've been uninspired on the style front for the past year or so.  I had so much fun getting dressed while I was pregnant - really!  look! - but after the baby was born, well things got awkward.  Nursing boobs, that post-baby bump, the utter lack of clothing that fit.  Not fun!  And then all of a sudden it was winter, and leggings + a hoodie became my uniform.  

Finally, I'm back in my pre-baby size in almost every type of clothing and just in time for spring, I'm more excited than ever for this upcoming season.  I thought I would highlight a few of the trends I'm excited about for the next few months....

(Psst - these are "trends" I've found on Pinterest that will work for my life!  I'm not paying much attention to runway trends any more.) 

1) Cloth pom shorts!!! I think these are so stinking cute, not to mention extremely practical for my life - they look like the perfect thing for playing with Claire, no fuss, cute with a t shirt and the hot St. Louis summers.  I could dress them up with a blouse & some wedges for date night - easy peasy.  

2) Off the shoulder tops.  You might think that sounds impractical, but there's a certain amount of obvious convenient here with them being implicitly breastfeeding friendly!  Plus, so pretty.  

3) Straw hats!  It's been well documented that I love a good hat, and I have a pretty solid collection I look forward to breaking out - if only for the overly frequent days when I haven't gotten around to doing my hair because my tiny human required a bit too much attention.  

4) Midi dresses and skirts!  As someone with only 5 feet four inches south of my hair, I haven't traditionally been that drawn to midi length dresses, but when a baby is on your hip you run the risk of a mini becoming a non-existent covering at any moment, so I figure some extra length won't hurt!  I love the look of these styles, as well.  

5)  Clogs!  Truly, I wouldn't call this a trend, but rather a shoe I just love love love every spring and summer.  

(I'd also gladly take everything she's wearing in the above photo, thank you!)  

What are some things you're looking forward to wearing this spring?  


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