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Since having Claire, I've had issues spending money on myself.  I'm pretty sure I"m not the only mom who could say that - every time I go online to buy much needed clothes, I end up finding something I could buy for Claire instead and rarely complete the mission.  

Add to that the task of finding cute clothes in my size that facilitate nursing, wrangling my baby that HATES the stroller and only wants to worn into letting me try on clothes in a dressing room and well, the entire thing is basically a nightmare.  

I'm picky, so when I initially had heard of Stitch Fix I wrote it off as something for people who didn't have opinions or a clearly defined personal style.  However, I was so wrong!  I'm pretty sure it was designed with moms in mind.  They even have maternity clothes now, which is pretty fantastic.  

Here's how it works: you fill out a style profile when you sign up, including your sizes, visual examples of styles you like, and even linking to a Pinterest board if you have one for clothes.  You pay a $20 "styling fee" which goes towards anything in your fix that you keep.  I've received two boxes so far and kept items from both, so I've never really paid for the service, only the clothes. 

I have one important tip - definitely do Stitch Fix at least twice before deciding if you like it or not.  Feedback makes all the difference, and you'll also want to get a feel for how their brands run.  Personally, most of what I received in my first box ran quite large, so I changed my sizes down in my style profile after receiving it.  I also made note of why I did or didn't like the items and my stylist improved my next box by leaps and bounds.

Here's what I got in my "fix" this month, and I'll tell you what I kept and why!

1.  Polka Dotted Chiffon Dress

 I told my stylist that I was breastfeeding & mostly looking for separates, but I also said that if a really special dress she thought I'd like came through to include it.  I think this fits the bill - I tried it on and immediately Darrell said he loved it, so it's a keeper.  It was $74, and when you see the fabric in person and feel it, it feels well priced.  I'll wear this to work or out on date night, mostly likely when we aren't with Claire because it's so covered up.  But, the shape is great for a postpartum mama - soft and flowy but waist defining.  

2.  Button Down Popover Blouse

I almost never choose a button down because they always gape in front of my boobs, which I hate, HOWEVER this ended up being my favorite item in this fix.  I actually realized that if I just unbutton the top button it's not too scandalously low, so I decided to keep it, with the obvious benefit that it's a fantastic top for nursing.  It was also about $40 which I found very reasonable.  I wore it later that day to a friend's birthday, which is where the top photo was taken! 

3.  Crochet trimmed sheer tank. 

 This was a totally epic fail!  I'm not sure why I was sent this item, it's impossible to wear a bra with it (unless it were one of those flimsy, lacy, "meant to be seen" numbers that I clearly don't wear) so it went back.  Easy choice! Don't hate me, but I can't remember what the price was! 

4. Printed keyhole blouse. 

I really WANTED to love this top, but it just wasn't flattering on me!  Aside from the fit, it's 100% the type of thing I would have picked out for myself.  Sadly, it's cut at a weird length, and it kind of tented out from my chest.  So it went back!  Also making that an easy choice was the price tag, I think this was $58. 

5.  Drop earrings. 

 Truth be told, I asked them to stop sending me accessories.  I got a scarf last time that I also didn't like, and these earrings really didn't do anything for me, plus they were $28.  I just don't think they looked any better than what I would find at Forever 21 for $4, so they went back!  

For reference, all the tops in this fix are size small, and the dress is a medium.   I also told my stylist I didn't need bottoms at the moment, only tops & a dress or two. 

If you're thinking 2/5 isn't a great record, know that the two pieces I kept I LOVE and I know I'll wear them a ton.  Also, I only kept one item from my first fix so this is an improvement!  I have high hopes for the next one.  If you keep all 5 items from your fix, you get a 25% discount on all of them, and of course Stitch Fix wants you to buy everything so they really do make an effort to keep improving.  Aside from being a practical way to shop if you're busy, getting a surprise box of clothes to try on in the mail is always really fun.  I would totally recommend it if you need a little spring reset in your wardrobe.  

(A little side note - I'm not being paid or endorsed by Stitch Fix in anyway!  I just thought it was a great service for moms, and I've really been enjoying it.) 

Let's end with a cute photo of Claire & Darrell for good measure, okay?  

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