the weekender/easter egg-citement at eckert's farms

As a parent, you get told a lot (especially when you have a baby) "enjoy these moments!  These days go by so fast!"  And sometimes, it's hard to take that advice to heart - like when you're grocery shopping and the cart is filled in the checkout line and suddenly you realize your baby's diaper has leaked in the carrier (yes, that happened to me last week) and really you have nothing else to do but let the checkout worker finish up and wait until you get out to the car to change the baby.  Bonus, you're covered in poo, the whole drive home.  
Moments like those I sometimes want to smack the well-meaning older ladies who say "enjoy this time!  Don't blink!"  

But then, THEN there are magical days like yesterday where I remember their advice and I truly get it.  Yesterday we woke up early to get dressed in some springy clothes, head out into the sunshine and drive to Eckert's Farm not far outside the city for Easter Egg-citement, and it was one of those days I know I'll be siphoning happiness from for a long time.  When Claire is 12 and sassing me I'll be thinking of yesterday, these memories, and how good that day was.  I must have taken 500 photos in an attempt to capture everything, every sweet smile, but I'll refrain (reluctantly) from posting ALL of them here.  These are a few of my favorites!  

 This is how excited Claire was when I told her we were going to Eckert's!  Actually, she just learned how to clap and so EVERYTHING gets a standing ovation from Claire!  She's our biggest (tiny) fan!

We lined up for the Easter egg hunt at 10 am (babies first! Then toddlers, then 7-12 year olds) but Claire was ONLY interested in grabbing at our much needed coffee, so it bit the dust pretty quickly.  We had a little more success later with family selfies!

(The family that Ray-Bans together, stays together?  Also, I did not even remotely intend for us all to match so well, this is ridiculous.)

 Why yes, that is my new favorite picture of all time!

You can imagine how much a 9 month old cares about an Easter egg hunt, but it WAS an opportunity to take some pretty photos of her sweet spring dress. 

Next up was perhaps my personal favorite part of the day, the opportunity to play with the sweetest baby animals!  There were fluffy bunnies, chicks, and DUCKLINGS!  Claire was the tiniest bit wary but eventually got pretty excited about their soft, downy fluff although admittedly maybe not as excited as I was!  

 The next event was a quick tractor ride, and then face painting & photos with the Easter Bunny - all things Claire might have loved but she needed to nurse & we needed a little snack, so we took a little car break and then headed into the general store to browse the incredible options they had.  

I think Claire would've taken a dive headfirst into those pies if we had let her! 

 It's a terribly blurry photo, but I just had to show what a well timed nap she took - along with my friend Jillian's daughter, who was so tired from all the fun that she took a nap on the bench in the restaurant the entirety of our lunch!! I'm not sure I can adequately express what a luxury it was to eat with both my hands - plus the food was delicious!  Darrell proved himself a little boy's hero when he drew Mario characters for Jillian's 5 year old son Cash.  

 You'd think we would've been exhausted by then, and maybe we were but the weather was just too good to spend the rest of the day indoors, so after we got home we headed to the park for a walk (after a little daddy daughter jam session!) 

When we climbed into bed that night I remember thinking "this, this is as good as it will ever get, this day."  We are blessed beyond measure and I could live a Saturday like that over and over again forever.  Luckily, we can come close - we'll be heading back at the end of May for their strawberry festival! 

*This post was sponsored by Eckert's, but all photos, words and opinions are my own!  Eckert's has been a family destination for us since before we were a family - we even took our engagement photos there.  They are having their Easter Egg-citement weekends the next two weeks and I so recommend you go check it out!

Photos by myself & the lovely Ashley Kuenstler - thank you so much Ashley, we'll treasure these forever! 

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