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 It's been WAY too long since I've cleaned out my iPhone of the million photos I take of my daughter each day, so here goes!  Spring is happening people, and it is the absolute best.  We had the greatest (long!) Easter weekend, thanks to my having Good Friday off - but not Darrell, sadly - nevertheless we made the best of the extra free day to hang out and play.  

We live in the nursery now, because Claire is just too wiggly to be in the adult space, tearing things down and attempting to disconnect the internet and anything else that looks dangerous or annoying!  So we like to confine ourselves to the only room in the house where she can literally do anything she wants.  Thankfully, it's a very pretty room.  

What baby falls asleep like this?  I came home to Claire knocked out on the ottoman while her sitter sat watching her in case she happened to roll off.  She slept like this for a solid couple of hours! 

Oh hey, baby DJ!  (No baby ears were harmed in the making of this photo.)  We're testing out some Beats headphones for Verizon Wireless - isn't blogging the weirdest? - nevertheless, they're so comfy that I keep falling asleep on them.  

Lately I've been transferring Claire from the sling to our nursery armchair for her naps.  It works really well, except that she likes to roll to the very edge of the chair and be a sleeping daredevil.   This nap in particular, she literally rolled off the end of the chair (onto the fluffy footrest we had placed right below her) but the look on her face was priceless and I sincerely wish I had a photo of it. 

 And now, an excessive number of photos from our Easter Sunday: 

Claire's got about 3 tricks - she can wave, high five, and clap.  She likes to wear them each out really well each day.  I'm attempting to teach her to give kisses, but having little success with that so far.  

The absolute closest I got to a cute photo of her in her Easter outfit - it is amazing how the happiest baby on the planet suddenly decides that once she has a fancy outfit on, there will be nooooooo smiles. 

An actual picture of the three of us!  I mean, no one is looking at the camera but beggars cannot be choosers.  

I mean, that bonnet.  Stella & Wilbur, take all my $$$.  

I honestly can't remember what she was crying about in this photo (probably just wanted to be picked up?) but it was too funny not to include.  

Alright, Claire says "bye!"  and if you made it this hard I declare you reader of the year. 

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