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Any fun plans for Easter weekend?  It's supposed to rain here every day but Sunday (hooray!) so we'll mostly be camping out at home, then driving to Mt. Vernon for brunch/lunch with family for the day.  I seriously can't wait to put Claire in her sweet Easter dress! 

Also, whoa guys, it's been a WHILE since I've shared some link love! Here are my favorites lately: 

This cute video just made me smile!  

Are you brave enough to try this app?  Not going to lie, it made me feel pretty terrible!  

Our parenting philosophy, in a nutshell.  

We already canceled our cable, but if you have yet to cut the cord, check out this awesome article about how easy it is to replace!  

I've always loved this quote, from my favorite book of all time, so it was a pleasure to come across it again on tumblr this week. 

A friend sent me this one day when she was running late for our lunch, and I laughed so hard I completely forgave her (I would've anyways.)  

Several people have told me this mascara is AMAZING - have you tried it yet? 

This blog post about how much nursing bras SUCK (they do) had me cracking up.  What gives Victoria's Secret?  You don't like moms who use their boobs for their intended purpose?  

On a similar note, I adored this blog post about breastfeeding and how fleeting of a time it is. 

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